Developer App creation

If you are creating an app that uses this API, you first need to register it.

There is no need to create an app if you are manually creating authentication tokens, which you might do if you’re writing a script to upload rides. The point of registering apps is so that users’ authorisations are tied to something.

To register an app:

  1. In profile settings, activate developer mode. This makes the interface to create apps visible.
  2. Go to the app settings page and click Create new app….
  3. Enter the following data for your app:
    • Name — This, along with the rest of this information, is shown when a user is asked to grant your app permission to access their data, and also on the app settings page of all users who use the app.
    • Description — A sentence or two explaining what the app is.
    • Image — Preferably a 120px by 120px PNG or JPEG. If it isn’t that size, it is resized. This does not need to be provided.
    • URL — If your app has a website, you can provide a link to it.
    • OAuth redirect URL — If you are going to be using web authentication flows (either browser or server based), you need to provide the URL that browsers are redirected to after the user authorises your app.

Once an app is registered, it is listed on the app settings page. Clicking on the app causes the app id and secret key to be shown. These are necessary for using the API. The secret key must be kept secret.

Once you have created an app, the next step is to have users grant the app permission to use the API on their behalf. See the authentication documentation for details on how to do this.