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26 October, 2021 by David Johnstone

A couple of new features have been added to Cycling Analytics recently.

The power curve chart can now have filters applied, so it will only show rides that match the filter. For example, entering the filter ride.trainer will cause the chart to only show rides ridden on an indoor trainer. To use a filter, first click on the “Filter” button in the legend of the power curve chart (when a filter is used, clicking this button toggles whether the filter is applied). The help text contains more examples. The filter applies to the entire chart.

If you set activity titles on Strava, those titles can be imported and given to your activities on Cycling Analytics. To do this, use the “Copy ride titles from Strava” option on the linked accounts page.

There is now a tool to import rides from Zwift. It is a bookmarklet that, when created, allows you to upload the ride you’re looking at by simply clicking the bookmark button in your browser. (An earlier version of this tool previously existed, but stopped working when Zwift changed some things.)

Some bigger new features are basically complete or close to completion, so I’m hoping a larger update isn’t far away.

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