Facebook integration

15 June, 2012 by David Johnstone

Cycling Analytics can now post your rides to Facebook when you upload them. It doesn’t spam your wall with links to this site; rather, once activated, it leaves a box like the following at the top of your Timeline:

Image showing Facebook integration

To get this you just need to connect your Facebook account to your Cycling Analytics account. Go to the Linked accounts page under Account and click Connect in the Facebook box. A Facebook page will then appear asking for your permission for Cycling Analytics to post to your Timeline. Once connected, rides will be automatically posted to Facebook as you upload them. You should also click the button to post to Facebook all your rides that you have already uploaded. This ensures that the historical aggregations that Facebook shows are complete.

The box that is shown on your Facebook Timeline is an aggregate (well, two aggregates) of the data you have posted to Facebook for the current time period. It normally shows your last ride and how many kilometers you have ridden this month, although it seems to require multiple rides in the current time period before it shows the last ride. I haven’t quite worked out how Facebook chooses to display what it does.

Next up on the list of things to do related to sharing rides is expanding the privacy options so that you don’t need to share all your data with everybody. Stay tuned…

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