Watts/kg on the power curve

14 June, 2012 by David Johnstone

It’s now possible to see your power as watts per a kilogram on the power curve.

Image of improved power curve

You’ll first want to add your weight, and then you can click on the W/kg button at the top right of the graph and the values are shown as watts per a kilogram. This doesn’t yet support different weights over time, so old powers won’t be shown accurately if your weight has changed much.

For reference, here’s a handy table that Andrew Coggan put together showing what power outputs cyclists tend to be able to produce. You should probably also read Andrew Coggan’s explanation of the table.

Note: If you’re looking for a lot more information about what power outputs are typical or what counts as good, check out “How does your cycling power output compare?”.

Table of power outputs of cyclists

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