Trainer view, and lots of little things

25 September, 2012 by David Johnstone

When you’re riding on an indoor trainer, seeing a map of your ride probably isn’t very useful. Therefore, it isn’t shown any more.

Image showing the indoor trainer view

It works by detecting that the rider hasn’t gone far, so it might be confused if you ride to your next door neighbour’s house or if you do Fat Cyclist’s 100 Miles of Nowhere around the end of a cul de sac (or if your GPS drifts far more than I’ve ever seen), but it seems to work fine in practice. You’ll notice that the titles of these rides are more appropriate for rides done on a trainer.

Since the last post, many other things have changed:

  • It’s now possible to download individual rides in the format they were uploaded. This can be done by clicking on the cog icon next to the date of a ride and choosing download. (This is in addition to being able to download all the rides you’ve uploaded at once.)
  • Rides can be edited. This is also under the cog icon. This is useful especially if your power meter generates an unreasonably large value and you want to correct it. A more complete explanation of this feature will appear when ride cropping is available.
  • When making selections on the main ride graph, the selection is shown in the URL, so you end up with URLs like It makes it easier to show parts of rides to others. The selection is also made when the power curve is clicked. The selection can be removed — and the URL made clean — by clicking on the ride graph.
  • Custom Normalised Work values can be given for rides, even when no power meter was used. This is useful if you normally train with power, but not always, and you want to keep the training load chart accurate by having all rides represented on it (since the chart is based on the Normalised Work for each ride).
  • A zoom to selection button now exists on the ride graph. It’s the top rightmost button.
  • The front page has been remade.
  • Various bugs have been fixed, including:
    • Very low average power when Smart Recording is turned on while using a power meter. This seemed to affect Garmin Edge 705 users. Please get in touch if any rides you have uploaded still show unreasonably low average power output (like 30–40W when it should be at least five times that).
    • Rides having a distance of 0km and an average speed of 0km/h, and various other things to do with processing ride files.
    • Going to the power curve page when there was no power data returned an error.

I have a long list of things to work on, some of which are more exciting than others. Expect to see the ability to crop rides (for those times you forgot to reset your device and ended up with a 32 hour ride) and some help in setting your FTP in the near future…

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