Fullscreen charts

10 June, 2013 by David Johnstone

Do you ever lament the fact that your massive widescreen monitor is barely used by most websites (except by some that don’t enforce a maximum width and have text running across the entire width, which doesn’t do much for readability)? Well, now it’s possible to make charts go fullscreen.

To do this, find the little grey bar on the right at the bottom the chart legend, hover the mouse over it, and then click on the fullscreen option.

As an aside, the wider grey bar on the left has a use too — clicking on it hides (or shows) the legend, which is useful for some of the charts where the legend otherwise gets in the way of what the chart is showing.

There are a few charts that don’t support this at the moment (because they’re using older charting code). Eventually they’ll be replaced.

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