Improved Strava ride management, and a few more things

14 June, 2013 by David Johnstone

There’s now a tool for managing the connection between rides here and on Strava. It can be accessed via the linked accounts page if you have set up your account to upload rides to Strava. (Here’s a direct link.) It tends to look something like this:

It’s useful for adding or removing connections between rides here and on Strava, and is handy if something has gone wrong when uploading a ride to Strava. There are more instructions at the bottom of the page.

On the topic of integration with Strava, there are a couple more changes coming soon: there will be an option to strip power and/or heart rate data from the ride that is sent to Strava; and there will be a way to only send select rides to Strava, rather than all of them (although, it’s possible to do this now by disabling automatic Strava uploading on the linked accounts page, and using the new Strava management page to upload only the rides you want).

In other news, the ride summary (at the top left of ride pages) has been updated. It’s been entirely remade, but the most notable changes are that either power or heart rate based metrics can be viewed (if both exist), power and heart rate zones are displayed, and the power metrics that describe the intensity of the ride and the training load (as shown on the training load chart) are now called “intensity” and “training load”.

Finally, the little grey bar at the bottom of the legends that can be clicked on to hide the legend can now also be dragged to move the legend out of the way. This is what it looks like when the mouse hovers over it:

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