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17 August, 2013 by David Johnstone

Are you a coach wanting to use Cycling Analytics with your clients? Today’s new feature lets you link your account with your clients so that you can use their accounts as though you were logged in as them. That is, you can upload rides, add new FTP values, and do anything else related to viewing and modifying their ride and fitness data.

To make use of this, coach mode must first be activated. There’s a checkbox for this on the profile settings page. Once activated, a Coaching heading will be visible on the sidebar on the left. Athletes can then be added by providing either their email address (the one they use to log in to Cycling Analytics with), or their user ID (which is the number in URLs like They are then sent an email that asks them to confirm that you are their coach. (They don’t need to activate coach mode themselves.)

All of your athletes are shown in a table on the coaching page:

Clicking on a name takes you to their rides page as normal, but there’s a button on the page that can be clicked so that you can use their account as though you were logged in as them:

Clicking the Use as button takes you to their rides page and has you using their account on their behalf in one step.

There are limits to what can be done when using one of your athletes’ accounts — the accounts pages are unavailable, which means you can’t change their email address or password. Also, if they have coach mode turned on, you can’t access any of their athletes.

In the not-too-distant future it will also be possible to specify training rides in advance, which will mean an entire training plan can be created on this website.

P.S. If you’re interested in managing many accounts with centralised billing and cheaper rates, you might be interested in a team account. Get in contact if you want more information.

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