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4 April, 2015 by David Johnstone

In one sentence: Two new Flexicharts commands, coaching UI improvements, some more calendar options for showing day names and week numbers and changing the first day of the week, and Pioneer ride files are now supported.

There are two new commands for Flexicharts. rebase_dates allows the dates to be shifted so that multiple data sets can be shown on top of each other on the same chart, which means it’s possible to compare the long-term stress of multiple years on one chart (as shown below). accumulate causes the chart to show cumulative data, so you can see how distance accumulates throughout the year. There are a couple of examples of this in the default Flexicharts library.

rebase_dates works by giving it a date, and then it shifts the x-values (when dates) so that the date provided is day 0, the next day is day 1, and so on. The Flexicharts documentation has been updated with more details and examples of the new commands.

Coaches will notice that, when looking at one of their athlete’s pages, there is now a dropdown menu in the header to provide access to the analysis and athlete configuration pages. The URLs for the athlete pages have also changed to make this possible, and coaches can use these pages for their athletes without using the “use as” function (which will be removed when it isn’t needed any longer).

There are a few more options for the calendar. The day of the week can be shown, the first day of the week can be switched from Monday to Sunday, and the week number can be shown (hello to the Swedes, Norwegians, and anybody else who uses week numbers).

Finally, ride files generated by Pioneer head units are now supported. Nothing is done yet with the fancy data streams that the Pioneer power meter generates.

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