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15 April, 2016 by David Johnstone

Here’s a long overdue update to the site. The major new feature is segment tracking with automatic interval detection.

Segments are parts of a ride. They are given a name, and all segments of the same name can be compared against each other. The main use of segments at the moment is tracking intervals over time, as it provides a very easy way to see, for example, how all of those twenty minute intervals are going.

Segments can be created on ride pages, using the tools there to find and save segments. Alternatively, segments can be created automatically for intervals recorded with a power meter. To do this, you first need to set it up by specifying what duration intervals you do and a couple of other things so that the site knows what to look for. Intervals are then searched for in all existing rides, and all rides uploaded in the future.

There’s quite a few more updates too, including:

  • Trend lines can be shown on the “power vs. L/R…” chart, which shows L/R power balance and other advanced power metrics.
  • Trend lines can be created on Flexicharts using the .trendline() function. This uses the Loess method for estimating the trend.
  • Duplicate rides can be uploaded.
  • HTTPS is always used, as opposed to being optional.
  • Ramp rate can now be shown on the training load chart.
  • Laps are imported from Strava.

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