Garmin Connect

25 July, 2017 by David Johnstone

Cycling Analytics now works with Garmin Connect. Rides uploaded to Garmin Connect are automatically imported to Cycling Analytics when users link their Cycling Analytics accounts with their Garmin Connect accounts. Many Garmin devices are able to automatically import activities to Garmin Connect, making this a very easy way to get rides into Cycling Analytics.

To use this, head over to the Linked Accounts page and click the “Connect” button for Garmin Connect. Once this process is completed, rides will be automatically imported to Cycling Analytics.

Note that the first time a new ride is added to Garmin Connect after linking accounts, this ride and all others from the previous thirty days will be imported into Cycling Analytics. This may result in duplicates, especially if rides were imported from Strava. If so, these can be easily deleted from the rides table.

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