Ideas, gears, and other things

18 April, 2018 by David Johnstone

There have been a number of updates recently.

There is now an ideas section for submitting new ideas for the site and voting on them. If you have any ideas for new things this site could do, or ideas for how existing features could be improved, feel free to submit them, and also vote on existing ideas that you are interested in. You can “supervote” on your favourite item, which is worth five points instead of the usual one. (You can only have one “supervote” at a time, but you can change which item you’ve “supervoted” for.)

Gear shifting data is now read from FIT files and this can be shown on the main ride chart and on the Gear shifts chart near the bottom of the page. This chart shows the time spent in each gear, and a histogram of cadence for any gear.

A ZIP file containing the original ride files of selected rides can now be downloaded from the rides table.

Individual training plan sequences can be exported from the training plan library. This means it’s possible to export, for example, an eight week plan as a CSV file, and then have another user import it and use it.

Finally, the way rides are imported from Strava has been improved. The way the queue works has been improved, and the status of an import (the number of rides to be imported and how long it should take) is shown on the linked accounts page.

By the way, if you would like to see Zwift be able to export directly to Cycling Analytics, please consider voting on this.

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