Strava uploading is working again

6 July, 2013 by David Johnstone

Earlier this week Strava shut down their existing API without making a new one publicly available. That caused issues here, because that API was being used here to upload rides to Strava. In light of this, the Strava uploading feature has been remade to work with the “upload by email” feature that Strava still provides.

If you want to have your rides uploaded to Strava, you will need to go to the linked accounts page and add the email address you use to sign in to Strava. (You need to do this even if you already had your account set to upload rides to Strava.) When this is done, an email is sent from the email address you provide (fun fact: an email can say it comes from any email address) to Strava with the ride file attached, and sometime in the next ten minutes or so, the ride should appear on Strava.

This approach to uploading rides isn’t as good as the previous method, as it no longer provides direct feedback to Cycling Analytics about the upload so it’s impossible to show a link to the ride on Strava. This also means that the Strava ride management tool doesn’t work any more, as it relies on the API that used to exist. Hopefully Strava will one day make an API available to the public again, but based on their communication, it probably won’t be this year.

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